About In Ur Face Masks

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While our face masks are not intended for medical use or can claim to protect you from pathogens, they are very effective in deterring you from touching your face and mouth, as well as protecting others from your own germs. They also make safety in times of social distancing a more positive, creative and fun experience.

See what trusted health organizations recommend regarding face masks and coverings:
World Health Organization
Government of Canada

We strive to provide comfortable, affordable and quality face masks featuring original, exclusive and creative designs you won’t find anywhere else. In Ur Face Masks is part of Destination Creation studios.

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Walking the fine line between artistic creativity and practicality, we use our award winning foundation, production tools, skills, knowledge and marketing experience to provide original and effective business development facilitation, visual marketing and multimedia advertising campaigns and unique creative products through our full service Destination Creation studio. We specialize in realizing creative visions, using only the highest quality production and editing equipment with industry standard hardware, software, partnerships and distributors.

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